Our Background

Donore Project Consultative Forum (DPCF) replaces St. Teresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board as the vehicle for exchange and information sharing regarding development that affects the community. Since all of the residents of St. Teresa’s Gardens have now been relocated (some to the 54 newly completed Margaret Kennedy Road/Court houses and apartments), and the last two remaining blocks of flats are due for imminent demolition, St. Teresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board has fulfilled its original brief, and its last official meeting took place in June 2022.

Donore Project

Images courtesy of LDA
Images courtesy of LDA
Images courtesy of LDA

It is proposed that 543 housing units will be constructed on the Dublin City Council owned former St. Teresa’s Gardens site, a mix of approximately 70% cost rental and 30% social housing apartments. This development will be overseen by the Land Development Agency (LDA), in association with Dublin City Council. DCC’s plans for the wider site include a full-sized sports pitch; a public park, and the development of a new facility to cater for the long-standing Donore Boxing Club. These will be delivered by the private developer Hines as part of the DCC-Hines Development Agreement. Other plans for the immediate area include proposals by Hines to construct housing on the Player Wills and Bailey Gibson sites.

Our Purpose

Over the course of the next few years, there will be significant levels of construction activity taking place across these three separate sites. The DPCF will facilitate meaningful community engagement and information exchange during this time for the former St.Teresa’s Gardens site and will act in a community liaison role in the lead up to and during these significant building works. DPCF will also:

  • Define and agree communication process between the community, Dublin City Council, the Land Development Agency, Hines and other stakeholders.
  • Provide a platform for local and stakeholder concerns to be discussed and resolved through all stages of development.
  • Consult, co-operate and liaise with all interested parties including local community and any relevant statutory bodies.

Even though DPCF’s main focus will be activities and developments on the Dublin City Council owned former St. Teresa’s Gardens site, at times common issues, linked to both the LDA site and adjoining Hines developments, will need to be addressed at this Forum.
Planning issues that require an integrated design and solution approach, and issues such as shared drainage and infrastructural connections, will be managed by the technical teams within Hines and Dublin City Council.

DPCF is not a statutory entity.

DPCF held its first official meeting in September 2022 and is currently meeting every two months.

It is proposed that the DPCF be dissolved when eligible people on the City Council’s Social Housing list have been allocated homes on Dublin City Council lands within the development area.

A copy of the full Donore Project Consultative Forum Terms of Reference can be found here