Donore Parish Church Lands, Zoning motion not agreed


Retention of Z15 zoning on entirety of Church lands ref. Page 564 amendment to Draft Guiding Principles Map E Material Alteration Ref E-0122 Motion. This council supports the retention of Z15 zoning on the entirety of Church Land and accordingly rejects Material Alteration E-0122

Planning Reason

Reason – Th eZ15 zoning “Community and Social Infrastructure” should be retained for the entirety of the church lands so that they can continue to serve the needs of the local community, and any future developments accords with this vision and the building of community facilities.

Chief Executives Response

As per the previous CE report no 120/2022, the CE recommended that Z15 be retained on the southern and eastern half of the subject lands, containing St. Teresa’s Church and the DCC Donore Youth and Community Centre, to accord with its existing social and community use. The CE also recommended that the zoning of the remainder of the lands (the north-west portion which corresponds with MA E=0122) be changed to Z14 in order to better integrate with SDRA 11 – St. Teresa’s Gardens and Environs proposals for improved public open space adjacent to the church, a potential new building next to the DYC centre and future playing field which could provide further community facilities, together with a new cycling and pedestrian connection through to Donore Avenue.

Chief Executive’s Recommendation

The motion is not agreed for the planning reasons set out in the Chief Executive’s response.

Motion not Agreed